The Cat and The Fiddle

Kati “the Cat and Per “Rock” were one of the most popular dancing couple in “swing dancing” in Denmark. They have taught together for 5 years, both in Denmark and internationally. In their teaching everyone will feel comfortable in participating. Their enthusiasm and technical skill shines through from the moves they are teaching and the dance floor will soon be full of smiles and joy










The Cat and The Fiddle teaches both in private parties and larger events. They have been training teachers in secondary schools around the whole of Denmark and during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival Kultorvet was filled with happy dancing people from their latest idea; mixing “past and present” together in Electro-Swing. The Cat and The Fiddle masteres all swing dances from the last century and up to the 50s: Cake Walk, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Shag, Jitterbug, Jive and Balboa.